• Photography

    • About me
      As the title says, a short presentation of myself.

    • Galleries
      A list of all photo galleries, with a brief description.

    • Editorial
      An overview of this website content, including links to my picture of the month and my section on optics and lenses.

    • Photo links
      Links to photo-related websites (includes links to other photographers, galleries, and technical information).

    • Digital disclaimer
      My opinion and my approach on digital manipulation of photographs. Contains a presentation of the processing of my photographs for their inclusion in the galleries.

    • Sitemap
      Help on navigation within this site (this page). Contains a short description of all sections of this website.

  • Optics

    • Optics tutorials and utilities (temporarily unavailable)
      An introduction to a few optical phenomena pertaining to photography and a few related utilies that I found helpful or interesting to develop.

  • Physics

  • Contact information

    • Contact address
      Complete information on how to contact me.

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      Comments and suggestions are always welcome!

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